Abbey Road Worked with Google for Its Virtual Tour

Abbey Road Studios is one of the most famous recording studios in the world, there were a selection of well-known films and game scores created there such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. It also held some famous events, for example, The Beatles appeared in the world’s first global broadcast from Studio One. Although it is very famous and has hosted every big name in music history, Abbey Road has never been open to the public before. Now by collaborating with Google Maps, users can take an interactive but virtual tour to the inner side of Abbey Road.

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In order to share Abbey Road history, it decided to work with Google to showcase as much of it as possible to public, in a range of ways such as tours, videos, stories, images and gadgets. When users start their tour, the first thing is to choose a studio, and there is an inner map on the left corner to show their position. On the right side, they can choose gadgets, videos, images and stories, and there are several items under each category. They can click on the item and the map will take them to the exact place to visit.

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Another way for users to visit Abbey Road is the same with Google Street View. With a point and click of their mouse, they can drag to scan the more than 360-degree images and find items by themselves. The experience of Abbey Road virtual tour is real and interactive, giving users best impressions of studios.

But these are not all about the app. The most attractive thing about the app is that users can see sound technicians at work in the studios, they can see people walking around in the lobby, and they can listen to the music producers are making. In the tour, they will watch interviews of musicians, music videos, and stories behind each scene.

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There are also some gaming style interactions in the tour. For example, users can record their own version of some specific audio tracks such as Lonely Hearts Club Band, and compare with the original ones. This experience is especially valuable for music enthusiasts.

The collaboration with Google gives outside world people who love music and art an opportunity to see the everyday working of the studios and let people gain insights into the magic that how great movies produced their background music and how iconic singers recorded their albums.

The collaboration will bring Google Maps more fans because it makes people realized it can use technology to bring people closer to cultural icons and institutions all over the world, and give people the most real and interactive experience. No matter where you are, Google Maps will take you to the places you want to go with the real world experience.

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Will Tinder Lead to a New Digital Advertising Era

Do you remember Bud Light “Up for whatever” last year? It invited 1,000 millennials to have a party in Bud Light town for a weekend, and the campaign was a big success reaching to its target audience aged from 21 to 27 years old. This year on April, Bud Light launched the same campaign again, but used a different media channel to promote its advertisement, which is Tinder. The two brands worked together for about six months to create the campaign exclusively designed for Tinder platform. The “whatever USA” campaign is only viewable by Tinder users who are 21 and older, and appears between swipes on this popular dating app.

Tinder users will be asked to swipe out of the video with the action for left swipes (pass) and right swipes (like). The actions will be recorded by Tinder, and the data will also help Bud Light to determine its target audience attitudes about the campaign. If a user swipes right and likes the video, the button on the top corner of the video will show up and the user can click it and enter into #UpForWhatever contest. When the user enter into the contest, she or he can perform favorite song in a Bud Light event, or swap sunglasses with someone, and then share a photo or video on her or his social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

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The Bud Light new campaign first combined a new appeared digital channel-Tinder with other ones together to increase the accuracy of targeting and promotion, and also to increase users’ experience. Tinder’s advertisement is a more straightforward way to know users response, with “like” and “pass”, and give that data back to collaborated brands such as Bud Light.

Tinder also used different lengths of video to test the waters, to see which length is most preferred by its users and how its users react to this advertising format. By this way, Tinder can make a good balance between users’ experience and exposures of the advertisement.

It only makes sense that Tinder and Bud Light would be a match, not only for their target audience, but also for brands themselves. It is because Bud Light is associated with off-the-cuff parties, and Tinder is a mobile platform where strangers meet with each other in off-the-cuff situations. When users meet their right ones on Tinder, Bud Light give them the opportunity to take the action going to #UpForWhatever party together.

Tinder is a great platform to partner with brands to communicate cool offerings to users, and to deliver the brands’ messages in a very accurate way. With Tinder, brands can easily connect with millennials and know their feedbacks of the advertisement.

In the future, there must be more and more collaborations between brands and mobile apps, and campaigns exclusively designed for specific apps. Creativity and innovation in the message delivering process will also be the key successful factor for brands to reach to their target audience.

Amazon’s Dash: Brilliant Product and Brilliant Marketing Strategy

Just one day before April Fool’s day, Amazon announced its new product, Dash, which is a small Wi-Fi enabled button that lets people to rebuy products on Amazon. With this small actual button, users can add products into shopping chat with just one click. Each product has a button so that it’s easy for people to buy every day necessities such as toilet paper and coffee. And the button is connected with smartphone so that users are easy to control purchasing requests and cancellations. The only weakness of this new technology is that users need a special button for each product, and they have to go with each brand if they need to buy it. In addition, it’s a subscription-based service, and Amazon Prime members can receive a free device starting service from Tuesday this week.

However, most people thought it was a joke because the next day is April Fool’s day. And there were a lot of people leave their comments on Facebook and Twitter and expressed doubt about Amazon Dash. Users were discussing whether the new product is real or just an April Fool’s joke. Before Amazon confirmed the news, Dash has already been popular among social media, and people were curious about if they could use it as soon as possible.

Amazon and its collaborators then confirmed with several sources that Dash is a genuine movement in digital retail. Think about when you need to rebuy some napkins, you do not have to open your laptop and go to Amazon website, what you need to do is to just click the Dash button, that’s it. Dash will totally change our purchasing behaviors in the future.

Except the brilliant product, Amazon also used the brilliant way to introduce Dash to its target audience. Releasing such a hard-to-believe product just one day before April Fool’s day made people confused about the truth of Dash, and thus draw the eyes and arose users’ curiosities discussing the product. People were talking about Dash on social media, also including people who are not Amazon prime members and who would not normally be doing so. And the attention and curiosity lead people to check it out on Amazon, which increased conversion rate simultaneously.

Another brilliant aspect of April Fool’s day’s strategy is when you find this is true under your doubt, you will feel much more excited, just like a gift from God.

The launch seems to be intentional and well planed, and also a savvy move for Amazon. Because Dash has not been penetrated the mainstream and people have little awareness of it, Amazon needs a high exposure and high customer involvement to promote Dash. Therefore, making the April Fool’s confusion is the best way to increase awareness and engagement of consumers.

It was a great opening to introduce Dash to consumers, but will it suffer the same bad fate as Amazon’s previous products such as Fire Phone? We will see. At least, now people are interested in the new product and look forward to using it, that’s a good news.

How brands reach and fascinate Millennials

Every marketer is talking about Millennials these days. It is not because they are the largest group by population size, but also because they have the most purchasing willing and power. Marketers are trying to figure out how to reach them, how to fascinate them, and how to keep their loyalty. We all know that Millennials are more tech-savvy, and they get more used to living in a fast-changing digital world. We know their characteristics, but how exactly to do it?

In fact, Millennials are the most real and straightforward group of people, what marketers to do is to understand them, find ways to be connected with them, especially for the emotional part, and adapt their new expectations. It’s important to let Millennials see themselves in your brand, and make they feel their personalities match to the message. Therefore, marketers just need to keep these three methods in mind. First, understand what values such as happiness, warmness, and passion you want to deliver to your Millennials customers; then figure out what is your target Millennials audience’s lifestyles and experience and find ways to connect to your brand personality; finally, make sure that they are informed and understand your message, but not just marketed to.

When you deliver the message based on these three methods, your campaign can be efficient and useful, but not appealing. Appealing campaign can not only force people to buy your products, but also make them love and be loyal to your brand. Millennials are living in a fast pace world, and they adopt new things everyday. They accept changes and they treat innovation and creation as cool things. So more and more marketers are focusing on new technology and new marketing ways to get their Millennials audience involved and engaged in their brands.

McDonald’s 24-hour, 24-cities, and 24-gifts global campaign is the best example to attract Millennials. This campaign launched on March 24, in 24 cities in the world. It aimed to bring the world together virtually, delivering the message that the brand does everyday-serving people with happiness and joy. Let’s see what McDonald did using multiple media channels with innovation to attract their Millennials.

屏幕快照 2015-03-31 上午10.39.47

First, it spread the message “imlovinit24” across the entire globe in digital channels such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, follow along with the action #imlovinit. Then it held a concert in Los Angeles by Ne-Yo, who just recorded a single, “Every Day with Love” for the event. In Sydney, it built a Ball McCafe, a 20-foot coffee cup-shaped ball pit, and invited visitors to play. In New Zealand, lucky customers got big surprises when they opened Big Mac burger boxes. The burgers issued quirky comments, sang songs and made funny sound effects. In Asia, Hong Kong hosted a McParty and Manila customers were welcomed with a pop-up McTollBooth doling out free treats.

All these promotions are strengthened by drastic discussions and comments on social media in the same day all over the world. By promoting several activities around the world, MacDonald received great response from its Millennials audience. They love the engagement with the brand.

From MacDonald’s example, we can see that beyond just being innovative and useful, the brand has to give Millennials a reason to engage or create an experience that they can only get from your brand. Then you have to connect the engagement or the experience to the values you want to deliver, such as MacDonald’s happiness. Brands that can accommodate and enable these factors are the ones that will successfully attract and keep their customers.

Is selling Apple gold watch edition a good strategy

Apart from telling the time, like all traditional watches do, the Apple Watch can pick up phone calls, send texts, play games, record health data, and remind about all kinds of things. You can also use it pay for supermarkets or malls, and open hotel doors. For women, you can use it to keep track of your dietary habit to keep your weight. For sports enthusiasts, you can use it to track of exercise habits and build a dashboard to measure your exercise effects.

The Apple Watch has many similarities with other Apple devices such as apps, ISO system, and functions. But there is one thing quite different. Apple unveiled gold watch for more than $10,000. Unlike other Apple devices, which can be accepted by masses, Apple gold watch is a kind of luxury product for rich people and loyal Apple fans. But will it work for these two groups of people? I quite doubt it.

For those rich people in the world, let’s think about what they value most when they buy watches. Resale vaule? Legacy? Appearance? Or all of them.

Compared to Rolex and Omega, it is more difficult for Apple watch to hold on its value after 10 years or longer because it is more frequent for smart-watch to upgrade. Give your children a Rolex watch today, and it may has more value 20 years later because of its classic design or vintage. But if you leave your children an Apple watch today, it will become an out of date electronic trash. Watch valuations are not just about technology, but also about how watches are constructed, how prestigious the brand is, and how good and classic they look. It’s hard for Apple Watch to reach to all these valuations that rich people treat most important.

Although Apple is the most respected and successful company today, its legacy cannot compete with those legendary Swiss watchmaking companies. You may say that Apple Watch is a smart-watch and does not have too much overlap with these Swiss watches. But its gold watch edition push it into the industry to compete with luxury watch brands. Though Apple is trying to leverage its reputation as a high-end technology company to sell the luxury watch, it is not enough to persuade people to buy a $10,000 smart watch.

Apple is the most popular smart phone, tablet and laptop seller in the world because people dig the exclusive design, or because people are too lazy to learn a new system, or because people around you all use Apple device, that’s why Apple can sell millions of device all over the world. But this cannot be the motivation for consumers to buy Apple gold watch. People may buy an aluminum edition or a stainless steel edition instead of the gold one with a more reasonable price. It seems that Apple watch becomes the biggest competitor of Apple gold watch.

For rich people, they may consider Apple gold watch is not worth that price. For Apple loyalists, they may buy other two editions with more reasonable prices. Apple has to find the niche market for its gold watch, and convince this group of people that it is not only a high-end technology watch, but also a luxury cachet.

Who won big at the Oscar

If someone asks, “who won big at the Oscar”? You may answer that “Birdman” or “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. Yes, these two movies tied for most wins, with four academy awards. They were indeed the biggest winners at Oscar ceremony Sunday night. However, it is also the biggest night for brands to look forward to reaching out 45 million TV viewers and millions of social media users. The audience would comment and discuss everything on social media about Oscar awards, acceptance speech, and also include commercials and real time marketing.

Like Ellen DeGeners’s selfie picture for Samsung in last year Oscar, Lego was biggest brand winner this year. It was not only nominated for an Oscar award for “The Lego Movie” and inserted a two-minute ad in the middle of the award, but it also managed to get its movie’s theme song “Everything is Awesome” performed by Tegan and Sara during the show time. That is not enough. Did you see the pictures of Winfrey, Bradley Cooper and Meryl Streep who were holding the Lego-Oscars on Facebook and Twitter? Yes, they were smiling like winners even though they did not take any actual awards back home because they still had the Legos.

屏幕快照 2015-03-03 上午10.38.17

The selfie coup made by Ellen last year earned about $800 million worth of promotion for Samsung, making it the biggest brand winner and earning it countless impressions. This year, #LegoOscar was the number one trending hashtag on Twitter during the Oscar award in the United States, the users on Twitter were talking about the pictures of those buzzworthy movie stars who did not win an Oscar award but held a Lego award. They were talking about how the stars looked when they received branded Oscars capturing on live television. They were talking about the performance “Everything is Awesome”, not just the singers and the show itself, but everything from musical instruments to background animations, which were built with Lego bricks.

屏幕快照 2015-03-03 上午10.41.17

For Lego’s marketing team, Oscar night is a big success for it to deliver its brand message, which is everything is awesome, and to increase audience awareness on social media. The brand had about 48,000 mentions on Twitter during the award, and there were about 45% positive comments and only about 14% negative comments. The brand estimated that the buzz on social media brought a $7.5 million free advertising for Lego that night.

So let us think about why brands like Lego and Dove can stand out in Oscar’s real time marketing, why others cannot.

First, brands must provide the message that is relevant both to the event and the brand. And it also needs to match audience’s interests, and to what they really care about. Like Lego’s “everything is awesome” campaign, it related to Oscar award because itself was an award, and its tweet matched to what audience care about, which is what those nominators and celebrities’ reactions when they received Lego awards.

Then brands should use the existing audience trends to partner with the influencers, to make the trends your advantages. For example, Lego awarded a lot famous celebrities with Lego Oscars, and the photos of these celebrities were re-tweeted many times by users. If it was not the Oscar award, can Lego put Bradley Cooper, Meryl Streep, Emma Stone, Winfrey Opera and some Hollywood biggest stars together for a TV commercial? The answer must be no.

These partnerships between your brands and influencers can be organic or paid, but the most important thing is that the brand must provide the message related to the event and brand itself, and create message that people really care about so that they can be the influencers to spread your message.

Snapchat launched a new media service called Discover this week. On this platform, there are several channels such as ESPN, Yahoo, CNN, Food Network and People for users to get daily news and attractive information. Snapchat has been exploring on how to advertise on these channels to make it a cool and unique news source app, to make it different from its competitors, and most importantly, to make the companies who have paid for the ads satisfied with viewability.

屏幕快照 2015-02-24 下午1.27.50

In light of this, Snapchat brings disappearing ads on Discover. That is a pretty impressive format of advertising. The viewers have to pay full attention and be ready to engage or click the bottom instantly, because viewers are only allowed to watch for one time and the ad will disappear in seconds after the end. It is like a blink-and-you-will-miss-it game, Snapchat encourages its target audience, which is composed by teenagers and young millennials, to pay attention now so that they can engage instantly or will recall something later. But will disappearing ads increase viewability compared with traditional digital ads on Facebook and Twitter, and is it worthy of $750,000 for just one day? Before we give an answer, there are some details to consider.

Google released a report revealed that about half of the advertisements on Google display actually do not have a chance to be seen by their target audience. So maybe Snapchat can provide the guarantee that ads can be seen even though they will disappear and viewers do not have a chance to return to them. From viewability perspective, Snapchat ads indeed have an advantage. But no one can make sure whether disappearance matters once the impression has happened. What if viewers just forget the ad instantly after they saw it? What if viewers want to buy the products afterwards but they cannot find the ad and the link so that they give up purchasing? Every advertiser should take these hazards into consideration before they throw millions of dollars on Snapchat.

Another consideration is whether customers will see the ad even though Snapchat guarantees viewability. For instance, the ads do not load on time and in-screen when customers read the news, but online monitoring system would treat this as one exposure and customers do not receive the message actually.

Unlike other social media platform, Snapchat aims to provide viewers ads that informative and useful, not targeted and popular. This means Snapchat ads are one-size-fit-all. It is very different from the trend of today’s digital ads that messages can be delivered precisely to the target audience. So if you are looking to reach a specific group of people such as housewives or medical students, Snapchat will not be a perfect platform for you to choose.

Therefore, for most brands, success on Snapchat will greatly depend on three factors. The first one is who are your target audience, a specific group of people or a wide range of audience. The second one is that what kind of ad do you want to put on Snapchat, a banner or a video. Different format of digital ads will greatly affect the viewing quality. The third one is advertising goal, to increase awareness or to increase sales. I am sure that disappearing ad is not a good way to increase sales directly.

Disappearing ads could increase viewability? Snapchat will try it

The secrets behind #StarbucksDate

See what factors induce Starbucks to come up with #StarbucksDate, and the strategy it used to implement the campaign.

Valentine’s Day is coming, and Starbucks provide its customers an opportunity to date someone at Starbucks store, with a special menu featured a list of coffee and treat pairings available for only $5. For Match members, they can reach out someone they like through “Meet at Starbucks” feature, and make a Starbucks date. The #StarbucksDate is very popular on twitter now, and people around me are talking about the date. So why this campaign can arouse people’s interest, and how did it know it would make viral happen before it releases the campaign?

Actually, you cannot make viral happen. You only can research and analyze the internal and external factors include your customer, industry environment and collaborators, and then get ahead of a viral trend and ride the wave. Generally, we can use social listening, partner activation and holiday opportunity to make a strategy for a marketing campaign.

Social listening, also known as social media monitoring, is a way to monitor social channels for organic trends. You can identify and assess what your customers say about your company, product and brand; you can also find your potential customers by this way.

Starbucks’ valentine’s campaign is a good example using social listening. “ We have been seen a lot people having their job interviews, their dates, friends reunited or communities gathering in our stores.” Said Sharon Rothstein, Starbucks global chief marketing officer. Through in-store observation, Starbucks staff knew that many customers have already incorporated Starbucks into their ordinary days or even big days, and the brand plays an important role in their daily lives. On the other side, Starbucks found hundreds of thousands of bloggers, and members of specific websites have added a Starbucks badge to show their love for the brand, and most of them show that café house is a good place for dating.

So that is why Starbucks came up with the idea to create #StarbucksDate available in all stores in Canada and USA on 13, February. After all, there is no better time to meet new people and build connections than during Valentine’s Day. Through social listening, Starbucks found the opportunity, and then create such campaign to advertise the brand image as humanized and warmhearted one, and to promote its new flavor.

Partner activation refers to an action that a company looks for the potential opportunities to collaborate with other brands to co-create campaigns or co-solve problems. Starbucks collaborated with March to promote #StarbucksDate this time.

Match is the leading online dating site for singles, and generates more dates, more relationships and more marriages than any other dating or personals site.

There are more than three million members on Match list café and conversation with isomerism as one of their interests. So March is a good cooperative partner to disseminate #StarbucksDate message and bring singles together.

Apart from #StarbucksDate off-line activity, Starbucks also launched a “Meet at Starbucks” feature on Match. Through “Meet at Starbucks” feature, members can send an invitation to someone they are interested in, and invite he/she to the nearest Starbucks store using the locator. This feature combines online and offline activities together, and provides members a seamless dating experience. In this case, Match provides Starbucks a platform to disseminate message, and a group of target audience. Match can also improve its brand awareness among singles who attend #StarbucksDate. It is a win-win for both companies.

Brands always use Holiday opportunity to promote their new products, to deepen the brand image or just to increase sales.

Starbucks promote #StarbucksDate during Valentine’s Day, providing customers a chance to meet their perfect someone. It is the Valentine’s Day that makes this campaign meaningful and attractive.

How did Apple Try to Woo Chinese Users in Chinese New Year

Apple is in expansion mode in China at the start of 2015: it released its first campaign “Open Your Mind”, played New Year’s TV commercial “The Old Record”, organized several creativity seminars in Apple store, and promoted “ New Year Lucky Package” activities online.

“Open Your Mind” is Apple’s first ad campaign in China, and is considered to be a very important step. For one reason, Apple has become “the most preferred brand for gifting” in China, with Feb.19, Chinese New Year, Apple is doing all it can to cash in. For another reason, smartphone’s market is rapidly growing in China, to compete with its biggest competitor Samsung and Xiaomi, which is a Chinese local brand, Apple has to do something to woo Chinese smartphone users and attract their attention.

In this Campaign, Apple makes a microfilm named “The Old Record”. This new commercial depicts a granddaughter who utilizes Apple products to record a song that takes her grandmother back to her youth. The elements that Apple wants to deliver to its customers are elaborately designed to put into the commercial: cozy atmospheres, families, and sharing gifts. The commercial also reminds the audience that music lovers can use MacBook and CarageBand to create New Year gifts for their families. Approach to Chinese New Year, Apple’s intention, which is to encourage customers to buy Apple products as gifts, is very obvious, but not trying.

Apple also asks its users to exhibit their “Apple Works” on its official website. These works can be a photo, a short movie, a song, or a picture. Some art works have already been put on the website, and some of the works come from Chinese famous artists. By having associations with Chinese contemporary artists, Apple plans to find a way to tell consumers that it is a good global brand, rather than just a pure American brand, especially in the situation that more and more Chinese consumers are becoming aware that China can make great brands.

屏幕快照 2015-02-08 下午12.57.37

In this picture, the user uses iDraw to create a busy street view in Chinese New Year. iPad with iDraw makes it possible to use right hand to draw while using left hand to handle tools.

屏幕快照 2015-02-08 下午3.16.01

This photo comes from famous travel photographer Austin Mann. When he drove along the coast of Iceland, he saw such a magnificent glaciers. To facilitate the climb, he put all the equipment in the car, only put his iPhone 6 in his pocket, and shot this exceptionally stunning photo with a panoramic shot mode.

屏幕快照 2015-02-08 下午3.46.14

Hall used Procreate App to create this group of portrait, depicting interesting people he met around the university. Because he can only use iPad and art App to create pictures, no matter where he is, he is able to burst inspiration and draw it down at any time.

Apple uses these artistic stories to inspire its consumers, and also to encourage them to show their creativity and talent using Apple products, and try out Apple Apps such as iDraw, VSCO Cam and iMovie.

In order to penetrate deeper into the Chinese market, Apple not just only came up with the New Year Campaign to highlight the functional benefits of Apple products and apps, and build emotional benefits with consumers, but also plans to open several stores to expand geographically in China, and change the uniform of Apple store employees to make them looked more professional and appreciated by the customers of the fashion-oriented and higher-end products.

Apple’s intention is obvious, to woo Chinese users, attract their attention, and make it an irreplaceable product. Its recently actions highlight the importance of Chinese market to drive its sales, and also indicate that it is going to keep China at the top of its mind.

What business can learn from Super Bowl commercials

This year’s most buzzed about Super Bowl commercials had to cater a diverse crowd, with everything from humor to the emotionally poignant. Some #SuperBowl advertisers took a serious tone in their TV Commercials during the big game. The 30 to 60-second commercials have made people laughing, crying, or scratching their heads. After the Super Bowl, people have voted for the best and worst commercials they think. But are the best commercials are the most successful one? The answer may be no. Whether you loved or hated the Super Bowl commercials this year, for the brands, success is often measured by whether you talk about their ads. Take a look at some of the buzziest ads form the big game.

Always, “like a girl”

Always #likeAGirl is the most talked about ad after this year Super Bowl game. In the advertisement, both male and female teenagers are asked to display how to run like a girl, fight like a girl and throw like a girl. But then a group of younger girls demonstrate that #likeAGirl does not have to be an insult.

This brief Super Bowl commercial is very inspiring, and the last line, which is let’s make #LikeAGirl mean amazing things, is powerful and delivered with such honesty. Always is known primarily for its feminine hygiene products, but after this Super Bowl ad, Always will also be known for female empowerment and general enlightenment.

屏幕快照 2015-02-03 上午11.26.10

Nationwide, “Make Safe Happen”

This commercial talked about a little boy, who could never get to do all the things in the ad because he was killed in an accident. Then the commercial caption reads, “At Nationwide, we believe in protecting what matters most, your kids. Together we can #MakeSafeHappen.” Although most people think this commercial is too dark and depressing, and it was even voted as the worst Super Bowl commercial, it indeed generates intense discussion among us. It is one of the top five talked about ads after the Super Bowl game, and countless news press are criticizing this commercial the day after the game. So the purpose of delivering its message to a wide range of audience has achieved. And the fierce conversation also deepened our impression of its brand and message.

屏幕快照 2015-02-03 上午11.01.43

T-Mobile, “Kims Data Stash”

In this TV commercial, Kim Kardashian’s advertisement words is funny and ridiculous, “Data you paid for that could be used to see my makeup, my backhand, my outfits and my vacation,” but it also provides a simple solution in T-Mobile’s new data stash, which allows you to save your unused data for when you need it later, rather than seeing unused data go away at the end of the month. Kim also poked fun at herself in this commercial, and Kim’s infamous #SelfieHabit. Although the reaction on Twitter was harsh, T-Mobile’s Kim ad has already generated great attention for the company. After all, there is no better way to make a deep impression than with a memorable Super Bowl commercial. As a relative small wireless carrier, T-Mobile got the chance to get its message out and arise its audience attention.

屏幕快照 2015-02-03 上午11.02.09

From the most talked about Super Bowl commercials, we can find that “Go straight for the heart” commercials are very popular and welcomed by the audience. But only those who are really outstanding, creative and new can tug at viewers’ heart strings and make themselves memorable and buzz. Not all the most talked about ads are tear-jerkers. “Make Safe Happen” is a typical commercial to generate discussion and critique among people on social media. Through high exposure on social media and news press, the message of the company can be delivered to a larger number of people. “Kims Data Stash” is a typical commercial that used ridiculous elements to make people laugh, or on the contrary, to make people disgusted. Both the best and the worst ads can give people motivation to comment on social media and generate discussion.

So the characteristics of the most talked about Super Bowl commercials can be concluded into three aspects: go straight for the heart, controversial but positive, and funny and ridiculous enough for viewers to give comments.

Today, marketing focus has extended beyond the TV because brands ramp up viewer engagement with tweets and other social media. So after the TV commercial release, companies should have a better use of social media to attract attention and increase the ads’ influence.